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In the name of God the Merciful

Iraqi Ladies and Gentlemen,

Peace Be Upon You.

It would be my pleasure to thank the visitors of the General Nationality Directorate's website through the international information network (Internet) which was found for your service, and we strived to make it win your satisfaction, taking into consideration the notes you make which would benefit our work, move it to the right direction and be an effective element in improving the services provided for you As you know, the General Nationality Directorate has made Citizen's Service its ultimate goal and adopted it as its permanent slogan through completing transactions related to your life matters; represented by the following ....

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Passport Directorate

To provide you with the best services to obtain a machine readable passport, we have made the application for the machine readable passport available on the Internet ....

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Directorate of Nationality


Tasks and Activities

In addition to the responsibility of implementing the issuance of Iraqi passport TheGeneral Directorate of Nationality undertakes the responsibility of implementing ....

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Passports Directorate